Best Benefits of a Petrol Credit Card: All You Need to Know

petrol Credit Card

Getting a petrol credit card can be a great way to combat the rising costs of fuel. Whether you are taking a road trip across the country, going on an outing on weekends or commuting from home to your workplace, rising fuel prices are a cause for concern and can hamper your plans.

Simply apply for a petrol credit card and save on fuel costs and many other expenses. Find out how!

Enjoy Fuel Surcharge Waivers on Petrol Credit Card

Credit card issuers impose additional fees on fuel transactions. This surcharge value varies between 1%-2% of the total fuel transaction. The fuel surcharge is levied to meet the increasing fuel costs.

When you get a credit card with a fuel surcharge waiver, there’s no need to pay any additional fee on fuel transactions. Simply put, your credit card issuer absorbs this surcharge, helping you save on fuel purchases.

For instance, when you apply for a One Credit Card, you can get a fuel surcharge waiver of up to 100%. Likewise, you can compare fuel benefits across various card issuers before you zero in on the best offer.

Gain Access to Complementary Perks

A significant reason why credit cards are popular is the attractive benefits and perks that come with them. Proper planning can help you get the best deals and make your fuel purchases and travels even better.

With these cards, you get to enjoy perks like:

  • Air miles
  • Roadside assistance
  • Shopping rewards
  • Discounts on hotel bookings
  • Offers and discounts on flight bookings
  • Complimentary airport lounge access
  • Discounts at partner restaurants
  • Zero liability on lost cards
  • Personal accident and luggage insurance

Get Reward Points on Every Transaction

Another exciting perk of getting a petrol credit card or any other type is the reward points you stand to earn on every transaction. Wondering how to collect and redeem these points? Here’s a brief snapshot:

  • Redeem the points when purchasing fuel and pay less
  • Convert the accumulated points into cashback
  • Get these points exchanged for gift cards and other benefits
  • Use these points to opt for vehicle services based on the card issuer
  • Book hotels and flight tickets at affordable rates using these points

Earn Cashback on Fuel Purchases

Getting cashback on your purchases is yet another exciting benefit you get when you own a credit card. Apart from cashback on regular purchases that almost every credit card offers, enjoy cashback on fuel purchases specifically with a fuel credit card.

A cashback on fuel purchase simply means you get back a portion of the amount you spent on the fuel transaction. You end up paying less than the actual fuel cost!

Some issuers also provide cashback at fuel purchases at select fuel stations by partnering with oil companies like:

  • Indian Oil Corporation Limited
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)
  • Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)
  • Hindustan Petroleum
  • Reliance Petroleum Limited

Enjoy Adequate Safety and Wide Acceptance

Keeping your finances secure is a priority, whether it’s a credit or a debit card. Not only does it offer a convenient way to manage your fuel purchases, but the card also provides advanced security features like:

  • Fraud protection
  • Chip technology
  • Two-factor authentication

But what if these cards aren’t acceptable at all fuel stations in India? There’s no need to stress. Thankfully, most of the fuel stations in the country accept fuel credit cards as a payment method.

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Manage Your Finances Hassle Free

Once you get a petrol credit card, managing your routine fuel transactions gets easier than ever! Here’s a list of quick pointers:

  • Assess how much and how frequently you pay for fuel
  • Track your fuel expenses easily with the credit card statement
  • Manage your credit card account through the mobile app or website of the issuer
  • Evaluate your fuel expenses and reduce some expenses if necessary

With these benefits in mind, enjoy savings on your fuel and other daily expenses by opting for the right card. While you’re spoilt for choice with umpteen options available in the market, consider getting the One Credit Card and enjoy a range of perks.

Apart from attractive fuel surcharge waivers, this card offers easy conversions of your big-ticket expenses into affordable EMIs and lets you enjoy up to 5X rewards on top spends. Wondering if it’s an affordable option? Absolutely!

With no joining or annual fees and backed by a powerful mobile app, you can spend confidently while being able to manage your expenses. Apply for a One Credit Card now to get started.