Hyundai Exter Gets Cruise Control, Auto  Headlamps & More 

Cruise Control

Hyundai has been a leading force in the automotive industry for decades, consistently delivering  cutting-edge technology and innovative design to its loyal customers. With the release of the new  Hyundai Exter, the brand has once again raised the bar in terms of style, performance, and Hyundai  Exter car safety.

The sleek and sophisticated exterior of the Exter is sure to turn heads, but it’s the interior features  that truly set this vehicle apart. In this post, we will look at the latest updates to the Exter, including  the highly anticipated addition of cruise control and auto headlamps. 

Convenience Features: Emphasizing Cruise Control   

When enhancing the driving experience, convenience features play a crucial role. These features are  designed to make our journeys more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable. Some such convenience  features in the Hyundai Exter are cruise control, automatic headlamps, and car safety systems.  Let’s look at these features and how they contribute to a seamless driving experience.   

Detailed Look at Cruise Control 

Cruise Control is a highly sought-after feature for many drivers, as it offers many benefits. Firstly, it  provides a more relaxed driving experience, especially during long journeys. By setting a desired  speed, drivers can simply focus on steering and other necessary tasks, reducing the strain of  constantly maintaining a specific speed. This not only improves comfort but also enhances safety on  the road. 

Advanced Safety Features for Enhanced Protection   

Safety is a top priority when choosing a car, and the Hyundai Exter takes it to the next level with its  array of advanced safety features. These features provide enhanced protection for the driver and  passengers, giving you peace of mind. 

The Hyundai Exter offers over 40 advanced safety features, protecting you and your loved ones in  various situations. The ISOFIX system provides a secure anchorage point for child seats, keeping  young passengers safe during the journey. Further, the Rear Parking Camera assists in navigating  tight parking spaces and avoiding obstacles. 

Segment-First Safety Innovations 

In addition to the extensive list of safety features, the Hyundai Exter introduces some segment-first  safety innovations that further enhance protection on the road. One such feature is the Dashcam  with dual camera, which captures and records not only the road ahead but also the interior of the  car. 

This provides valuable evidence in case of accidents or incidents, offering a layer of security and  peace of mind. Another unique safety feature is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), which  constantly monitors the tire pressure and alerts the driver if any tire is underinflated, helping to  prevent potential blowouts and ensuring optimal handling and fuel efficiency.

Empowering Performance for Diverse Experiences   

In addition to its advanced safety features, the Hyundai Exter is designed to cater to various  lifestyles, offering a range of powertrain options that deliver exceptional performance in urban and  outdoor settings. Whether you navigate through busy city streets or venture off the beaten path, the  Hyundai Exter has you covered. 

The Exter offers a fuel-efficient yet powerful engine option for those seeking a dynamic and  efficient driving experience in urban environments. Its responsive acceleration and nimble  handling make maneuvering through traffic a breeze while still delivering impressive fuel economy.   

If you’re an adventure enthusiast who enjoys exploring the great outdoors, the Hyundai Exter offers  a robust powertrain option that can easily conquer rugged terrains. Its enhanced traction control  and optimized suspension system provide stability and confidence, allowing you to venture off-road  without compromising performance. 

Infotainment and User Interface Enhancements   

The Hyundai Exter takes user experience to the next level with its advanced infotainment system  and user interface enhancements. The SUV is equipped with a cutting-edge infotainment system  that offers a seamless and intuitive user interface. 

With multi-language UI support, drivers and passengers can easily navigate the system and access  various features and functions in their preferred language. 

But what truly sets the Exter apart is its Ambient Sounds of Nature feature, which provides a  soothing and immersive audio experience during your drive. With seven acoustic profiles, including  sounds like gentle rain, ocean waves, and forest ambience, you can create a serene environment  within the vehicle that enhances relaxation and reduces stress while on the road.   

Besides, the infotainment system includes various entertainment options, such as music streaming,  hands-free calling, and navigation services. With its seamless integration of technology and user friendly interface, the Hyundai Exter ensures that every journey is safe, comfortable, enjoyable, and  engaging. 

Engine Specifications and Options 

Engine Variants 

  • The Hyundai Exter offers versatile engine options to suit different preferences and needs.
  • The 1.2 l Kappa petrol engine provides a smooth and efficient performance, delivering an  optimal balance of power and fuel economy.
  • For those interested in an environmentally friendly alternative, the Exter offers the 1.2 l Bi fuel Kappa petrol engine with CNG compatibility. This engine allows drivers to switch  between petrol and CNG, offering a greener and more cost-effective driving experience.  

Transmission Options 

● The Hyundai Exter provides a range of transmission options to cater to different driving  preferences.

● The 5-speed manual transmission offers a traditional and engaging driving experience,  allowing drivers full control over their gear shifts.

● For those seeking convenience and ease of use, the Exter also offers the Smart Auto AMT 

(Automated Manual Transmission). This automated transmission combines the benefits of   both automatic and manual transmissions, providing smooth shifting and effortless driving.  

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Final Word 

The new updates to the Hyundai Exter bring added convenience and safety features to this already  impressive vehicle. The addition of cruise control and automatic headlamps will make long drives  more comfortable and stress-free, while features like lane departure warning and blind spot  detection provide an extra layer of protection on the road.