Here’s Everything you Should Know Before Applying for a BAMS Degree

BAMS Degree

Relevant since the Vedic ages, ayurveda, a traditional form of medicine has saved & transformed the lives of millions of people. And the best part of this medical system is that it will never be obsolete. And with the government of India’s intervention, there has been major growth & development happening in the Ayurveda industry.

And if you are a science student interested in making a career in the medical industry you can choose to study at one of the best private BAMS colleges in UP & make a successful career. Let’s explore the important details you should know before applying for BAMS degree.

BAMS- A Course Introduction

Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery is a bachelor degree program in Ayurveda and traditional medical procedures. A BAMS degree in the best BAMS colleges in UP will teach you about ashtanga ayurveda the latest medical research, and get lots of hands-on experience. The Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) is in charge of overseeing admission to undergraduate and graduate programs in Ayurveda as well as the practice of Ayurvedic medicine in India

BAMS Course highlights at DJ Ayurvedic medical college & Hospital, Uttar Pradesh

Course LevelUndergraduate
Course Duration5.5 years (Including 1 year of internship)
Minimum Eligibility CriteriaCandidates must have passed a class 12th examination from a recognised board of education with subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, and Sanskrit.Candidates need to be NEET qualified.Minimum age criteria= 17 years  
Average Salary3.5 Lakh per annum
Course FeeApprox 2,50,000 per annum
Availability of seats100

Why you should choose to study a BAMS course?

  • Affordable course fee in comparison to MBBS course.
  • Enormous career opportunities
  • Entrepreneurship Opportunity
  • You can provide treatment without causing any side effects to the patients
  • Ayurveda courses include knowledge of modern science & technology
  • The Government of India easing the laws and removing restrictions on Ayurveda doctors

Career opportunities after completing a BAMS degree?

Before starting a career as an Ayurveda practitioner, it is important for BAMS aspirants to know about all the possible career opportunities available to them.

Job Opportunities- After completing a BAMS degree from the best Ayurvedic colleges in UP, graduates can seek job opportunities in hospitals, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical companies, Ayurvedic resorts, Panchakarma ashram, research & development agencies, and educational institutes for the below-mentioned job positions-

1.     Nutritionist– Diet is one of the crucial aspects of treating disease through Ayurveda. And you can choose to become an Ayurvedic nutritionist whose job role will be to design and suggest a personalised diet chart to improve an individual’s health.

2. Ayurvedic Health Counsellor– Ayurvedic Health Counsellors are experts in preventative medicine. An expert with a focus on preventative medicine who is qualified to offer one-on-one counselling and advice sessions to bring harmony to patients’ lives is known as an ayurvedic health counsellor.

 3. Manufacturer of Ayurvedic products- Not only medicines, ayurveda is expanding into the food & cosmetic industry. And you can join this lucrative career option after studying at one of the best private BAMS degree colleges in UP by either starting a manufacturing Unit of ayurvedic products or by joining a manufacturing unit as an employee.

4. Ayurveda doctor- One of the most preferred job options after studying at the best private BAMS Colleges in UP is Ayurveda Doctor. You can join Public or private sector hospitals as Ayurveda doctors. Additionally, you can establish your clinic after gaining a few years of working experience under senior Ayurveda practitioners.

5. Ayurveda teacher- Becoming an Ayurveda teacher after studying at one of the best BAMS colleges in Uttar Pradesh is another job opportunity you can choose. In this job profile, you’ll join academic institutions and will teach concepts of ayurveda to the future ayurvedacharya.

6. Higher education Possibilities- Apart from pursuing jobs after studying at private BAMS colleges in UP, students interested to make a career in the field of academics and research can pursue MD/MS or PhD courses in Ayurveda. Studying higher education courses will further enhance their career opportunities and make them experts in a specific domain of Ayurveda.

Top recruiters of BAMS graduates

  • Dabur
  • Emami Ltd
  • Baidyanath
  • The Himalaya Drug Company
  • Patanjali Ayurved Limited
  • Hamdard laboratories.
  • Vicco Laboratories
  • Surya Herbal Limited

Reasons DJ Ayurvedic medical college & Hospital offers the best BAMS degree?

  • This is one of the best private BAMS colleges in UP that offers top-notch ayurvedic medical education, medical research & clinical care facilities at their institution.
  • Situated in Modi Nagar, UP this ayurvedic medical college offers state-of-the-art infrastructure including the facilities such as a hostel, transport, ATM, library, laboratories, cafeteria, auditorium, seminar hall, etc. to offer a comfortable learning environment to the students.
  • This Ayurvedic college has highly educated teaching staff with years of teaching & industry experience in Ayurveda.

Wrapping up

We hope this blog helped you understand the important aspects of a BAMS Course. Studying a BAMS course will not be difficult if you study with interest, and dedication, and are ready to give your 100%.  Now, if you are ready to kickstart a career in Ayurveda, check out the best private BAMS colleges in UP and enrol in the course which best suits your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the skillset required to become a successful Ayurvedic doctor?

With a BAMS degree, you’ll require this skillset to become a successful Ayurvedic doctor-

  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Knowledge of Medicinal herbs
  • Observational & analytical skills
  • Interpretation and assimilation
  • Is NEET compulsory for BAMS Course?

Yes, to get admission to any of the best private BAMS colleges in UP, qualifying for the NEET exam is compulsory. And you cannot join any medical college without clearing this examination.

  • Are BAMS graduates called Doctors?

Yes, BAMS graduates are called doctors in the field of Ayurveda. However, they do not get the same recognition as MBBS doctors.

  • Can I open my hospital after completing BAMS?

Yes, you can open an Ayurvedic clinic/hospital after completing a BAMS course. Furthermore, it is advisable to pursue a master’s course or a PhD to gain expertise in a specific domain of Ayurveda.

  • What subjects will I study in a BAMS Course?

In BAMS Course, you’ll study subjects like Anumanapariksha, Ayurveda Nirupana, Vyadhi Vigyan, Mishraka Gana, Dravya Vigyan Niyam, Epidemiology, Garbha Vigyana, Janapadodhwamsa, Pancha Kosha Theory, Virechana Karma, Physiotherapy, Bhya Snehana, Kshara and Kshara Karma, Virechana Karma, etc.