How Can We Avoid Slips and Fall Accidents In The Bathroom?

Slips and Fall Accidents

Everyday bathing or showering should be a calming activity rather than a risk to your health. Because bathrooms are full of hazards, anyone using one should be careful to avoid slips and fall accidents, as they can cause serious injuries, particularly to the old and disabled. The security and confidentiality of your private bathroom can be improved by using the appropriate equipment and procedures. Stone bath mat comes with various things like absorbing water quickly and doesn’t need to be cleaned regularly so it’s the ideal choice for everyone. The following seven suggestions may help you minimize the possibility of an accident or injury in your loved one’s bathroom:

Put in Grab Bars:

Grab bars are a vital piece of equipment for senior citizens’ bathroom safety. Grab bars serve two vital purposes. Firstly, they provide your loved one with a handhold for entering and exiting the bathtub and rising from the toilet. Secondly, grab bars will give your loved one a safe spot to hold in the event of a fall. Installing grab bars which have been firmly screwed into the wall studs is crucial as opposed to suction cup variants, which have the potential to come apart from the wall when exerted force.

Put Non-slip Backing On Rugs:

If you must have a rug, use non-slip backings for the rug: Rugs can be dangerous, particularly when they lack a non-slip encouragement, even if they may look good and keep your feet warm. Consider whether you need a rug, and if so, choose one that is flatter. Seek for rugs with non-marking backing that are less fluffy or add non-marking material of your own that fits onto the rug well.

Maintain Your Area Tidy:

Slips and fall accidents can be caused by residues such as soap scum accumulation. To avoid falls, clean up and mop frequently. Keep clothing off the floor, and take down any decorations that can trip you or hurt you if you fall. You may avoid having to look away from anything which could make you trip or maintain your equilibrium by installing a sensor that senses movement light.

Put Grip Dimensions In Your Bathtub:

Measurements must be taken to prevent mishaps as the bathtub is the slickest area in the bathroom; therefore, particularly when you’re using it. To provide yourself with more grip when navigating the bathtub and entering and exiting, place non-slip flooring or strips inside. Make sure the mat as well as the strips are firmly in place as well as do not move.

Employ A Shower Chair:

As you get older, it might be difficult to move around or stand for extended periods, particularly when taking a bath or shower. With an additional item to grab, shower chairs prevent accidental trips and falls and provide comfort and assurance. Make sure that the chair has rubber tips as well as a non-marking seat before you buy it to avoid it sliding everywhere in your shower or bathtub. They are also useful for baths, as they allow you to sit instead of lie down, which makes getting up from the bath simpler.

Fit Non-Slip Surfaces In:

Slick surfaces, including bathroom floors with tile or linoleum, or surfaces in showers or bathtubs made of fiberglass or ceramic, are often the cause of falls. Consider adding non-slip flooring to your loved one’s bathroom, including the tub or shower, to help minimize slips and fall accidents. Any slippery surface should have non-slip mats or decals added, especially ones that could get even slicker when wet. But it’s crucial to pay attention to these decorations to ensure they don’t come loose and present a trip risk.

Put In An Elevated Toilet Seat:

Lower toilet seats are more difficult to get out of safely or demand more work, particularly for those with mobility impairments. The height improves by 3 to 4 inches over a regular toilet seat with an elevated bathroom seat or bathroom seat extender, which lessens the effort required to use the restroom.

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Use A Motion Sensor Or Nightlight:

Use a motion-sensor illumination or an illumination device to make sure there is enough light available for toilet trips at night. Accessibility is improved by adding lighting to the staircase or the route from the bedroom to the living area to the loo.

Final Words – Avoiding Slips and Fall Accidents:

Regular exercise will help you maintain a powerful physique and enhance the amount remaining on your account. Physical decreases might raise your chance of falling and make it difficult to regain your equilibrium. Despite the seemingly straightforward nature of restroom slips and fall accidents, there are several causes and effects to take into account.