B20 Summit 2023: PM Modi calls on ethical use of artificial intelligence

PM Modi

New Delhi, Aug 27 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses at the B-20 Business Summit, in New Delhi on Sunday. (ANI Photo) (ANI)

At the B20 Summit India 2023 organized by the CII, PM Modi highlighted the significance of ethical utilization of artificial intelligence (AI). He put forth the notion of establishing an annual ‘International Consumer Care Day’ and advocated transitioning from carbon credit trading to embracing ‘green credit’. Modi underscored India’s role as a leading force in the digital revolution of Industry 4.0, emphasizing its pivotal position in constructing a dependable global supply chain.

Cryptocurrencies pose a challenge that requires a comprehensive approach. Addressing this issue calls for a global framework that considers the interests of all stakeholders, remarked the prime minister.

Modi stressed the necessity of a comparable approach to AI. Advocating for a heightened emphasis on ‘consumer care,’ he urged global businesses to contemplate dedicating one day annually to the observance of ‘International Consumer Care Day.’

“Businesses have effectively transcended borders and limits. It’s now opportune to elevate businesses beyond mere profitability. Achieving this goal requires a concentrated effort on enhancing supply chain resilience and sustainability,” he added.

Referring to the citizens of the nation as his extended family, Modi noted that the approaching month of September will spotlight India’s vast potential.

“Under her presidency, India has transformed the G20 into a more inclusive forum. The African Union, invited by India, has also become part of the G20, amplifying the voice of the people of Africa on this significant global platform,” the prime minister expressed.

Since assuming the G20 presidency in Bali last year, “we’ve witnessed significant developments that instill a sense of pride,” he remarked.

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“Breaking away from the tradition of hosting major events in Delhi, we extended them to various cities across the country. Approximately 200 meetings related to this initiative were conducted in 60 cities nationwide. The G20 delegates received a warm welcome wherever they went. Their deep appreciation was evident as they witnessed the diversity of our country and experienced the vibrancy of our democracy,” Modi explained.