A Quick & Easy Guide to Building the Perfect Accessory Dwelling Unit

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Being a California homeowner is a luxury; it is something that you work for, and it is also something that you will have to put energy and effort into to maintain. Property owners across the state are now bracing themselves for a common problem: the lack of availability and the high demand. If you are already a homeowner in the Bay Area, you may consider upgrading your current space or expanding for your adult children, parents, friends, or rental opportunities. Regardless of your reasons, accessory dwelling units are popping up everywhere across San Jose and San Francisco.

When searching for ADU contractors near me, you should also consider the elements that go into building one, the use of the property, and the benefits it will bring to your household. Accessory dwelling units are used for different purposes and can bring abundant joy to the user, primary home, and visitors alike. Before you dive into the project, securing a local, legitimate contractor in San Jose, CA, and planning out the process is critical for the procedures, construction, and final product’s success.

Benefits of an Accessory Dwelling Unit

People choose to build or develop ADUs for many different reasons, and the great thing about them is the possibilities are entirely customizable and tailored to your needs, wants, and functions! Accessory dwelling units should benefit your life and household. Before you begin the building or remodeling project, assessing why you hope to construct one and what it will bring to your property and everyday life is essential. It may be time to get going when the pros outweigh the cons.

  • Attached or detached ADUs are versatile, and no matter which option you land on, they can become fully functional for personal reasons, business space, health and fitness, etc.
  • More space is one thing you cannot pass up in California, and when you can gain it, it can be utilized for whatever you want!
  • ADUs will increase the value of your property; in heavily populated areas like the Bay, you can see a 35% increase in home value versus properties without accessory dwelling options. If you’re considering selling your house, it’s worth noting that ADUs can be a significant selling point, especially during the best time of year to sell a house.
  • Accessory dwelling units present the opportunity to gain extra passive income by making the space a long-term rental, a mother-in-law suite, or a place for young adults and adult children.

Before You Start Building

Before you get too excited, you still want to approach the project with a well-organized plan, support, and realistic timeline. The first thing to tackle is the type of ADU you want to add to your land. There are four primary kinds of accessory dwelling solutions:

  1. Detached ADUs – This freestanding, practical, and fully functional property requires its entrance and utilities. This is great for rentals, family, or friends who need a place to stay long-term or just when visiting.
  2. Attached ADUs – these structures have to share a wall with the primary residence, and the only way to get there is through the primary residence. This is generally more functional for an office space, gym, or additional living space for adult children or parents.
  3. Garage Conversions: This can be detached or attached – that all depends on the current setup of your garage. This is typically a garage that is turned into an apartment space!
  4. Internal Conversions: This is when a basement or attic area is turned into an apartment. It is not simply a spare room or space but a fully functional space for living independently from the primary residence.

Consider All Your Options

When you commit to creating an accessory for your property, you want to think both in the short and long-term about the additional space. You may initially need it for your kiddo returning from college, but in the future, it could be turned into a long-term rental – and while you want your kids close, you may need a little space from your tenants, so attached is the way to go! Think about the why and then get together the budget.

Evaluating the cost and developing your budget will help to guide you in understanding what you can and cannot do. An accessory dwelling unit should be added to your life, not take away; therefore, budgeting will keep the project in line. This is a significant build and/or conversion; it is not typically something that should ever be approached without the help of professionals. 

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Investigate and Make Plans with the Experts

Once you have made some decisions, brainstormed, budgeted, and found your vision – guidance is necessary. Without prominent, professional ADU builders in your area, you are released into the maze, and it is easy to get lost. Building contractors in the Bay Area have the knowledge, experience, licensing, and insurance necessary to complete the project. Plus, they will offer a free estimate, consultation, solid plans, scheduling, and communication throughout the building and remodeling procedures.

Clever Design and Remodeling in San Francisco, CA, is a locally owned and locally operated business servicing the Bay and surrounding cities. Clever remodelers are dedicated to developing top-tier accessory dwelling units that are tailored to the client’s every last want and need.

Without the help of experienced contractors, completing your ADU can be a never-ending process – but when you have an elite remodeling company to guide you through the journey, the results will be more lovely than you could have imagined!