Is Ayurvedic Hospital Medical Care Valuable?

Ayurvedic Hospital

Ayurveda being an ancient tool in medical care stands relevant even today. It is a holy mix of traditional and scientific medications. Growing awareness of the discipline and rising medical tourism in India, enhance the scope for Ayurvedic medical care. With limited colleges offering courses in Ayurveda and expanding opportunities, the discipline shows promising career growth.

If you are someone, who believes in alternative forms of healing, Ayurveda is the direction to develop your career. Through this blog, we will help you in crafting your career in the field. It will give you information about various courses offered in the best Ayurvedic hospital in India. Without further delay, let’s delve into it.

About Ayurvedic discipline.

To pursue a career in Ayurveda, Sri Sai Institute of Ayurvedic Research and Medicine, Bhopal offers a Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (BAMS). The college has been approved by CCIM Govt. of India(AYUSH) and is affiliated with the MP Health Science University.

a) Course Highlights

Course typeUnder-graduation
Duration4.5 years + 1-year internship = 5.5 years
Delivery modeYearly
Fees INR/ annum232000.00/- (Varies as per govt. norms)
No. of seats100

b) Eligibility

To enrol for BAMS in the Ayurvedic college in Bhopal, you need to fulfil the following conditions:

  1. HSC with a minimum of 50% in individual subjects or its equivalent certificate / Diploma.
    1. Reserved category candidates will get relaxation as per Govt. norms. 
  2. Candidates will be required to fulfil all eligibility norms of the NEET examination as per govt. order at the time of admission/counselling.
  3. You must have attained a minimum of 17 years of age as of 31st December of the responding year.

c) Departments of Ayurveda

In the best Ayurvedic hospital in India, the following departments are available-

Kayachikitsa (General Medicine)
Shalya Tantra (Surgery)
Shalakya Tantra (ENT, Dentistry & Ophthalmology)
Stri Roga & Prasuti Tantra (Gynaecology, Obstetrics )
Dravyaguna (Ayurvedic Pharmacology)
Kaumarabhritya (Paediatrics)
Swasthyavritta (Social & Preventative Medicine)
Maulika Siddhanta
Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana
Rachana Sharir (Anatomy)
Roga Nidan & Vikriti Vigyan
Agada Tantra and Vyavaharayurveda
Kriya Sharir (Physiology)

Best Ayurvedic hospital in India:

Major features that account for being the best Ayurvedic institute are- a hospital, facility to practice special treatments, experienced staff, research activities and well-equipped infrastructure. Sri Sai Institute of Ayurvedic Research and Medicine, Bhopal offers you the following features for your ambitions.

  • An operational ayurvedic hospital in Bhopalexists since 2013 with 100 beds facility along with staff with decades of experience. There are 9 different OPD, IPD, X-rays and well-equipped pathology and emergency care facilities for patients.
  • The Ayurvedic pharmacy serves as an additional asset to the college and hospital. It serves 84 different medications to meet the special needs of patients.
  • Special Ayurvedic treatments like panchakarma therapy ensure that patients have long-term treatment for chronic ailments.
    • Other special treatments available are-
AbhyangaPatra pinda swedaSastika Sweda Udwartana
Anna Lepa PichuSirodharaSirovasti
Thala pothichil Netra TarpanaVirechanaRakthamokshana
 Nasya Uttara VastiVamana Kshara Sutra
 Sarvanga DharaBashpa SwedaLekhana KarmaAgnikarma
  • The college is also equipped with an Ayurvedic research centre, wherein faculty work on research activities with the aid of in house Ayurvedic medical plants garden.
  • Community service and research for improving Ayurveda’s awareness and granting free services to patients with financial constraints are available.

Let’s now look at the career roles that you can develop with the best colleges.

Job Opportunities

A BAMS graduate from the best Ayurvedic hospital in India gets an average salary in the range of 3 to 6 LPA. Major job roles that you can get into are-

Job rolesAverage Salary
Ayurvedic Doctor3.5 to 7 LPA
Clinic Manager4 to 7 LPA
Medical Representative3 to 6 LPA
Pharmacist2 to 5 LPA

There are various other ways that you can develop your career post you BAMS.

Future Prospects:

After BAMS from the best Ayurvedic hospital in India, you can further your education or delve into research as per your interest. Following are some of the options available.

  1. Masters in Ayurveda (MS/MD)- The 3-year duration post-graduation can equip you in various procedures like surgery, emergency management, trauma, etc. With a post-graduation degree, you can also open your own private clinic. Other master’s programs include-
    1. Master in Public Health (MPH)
    1. M.Sc. Health Science
    1. M.Sc. Nutrition
  2. MBA (Hospital Health care management)– You can develop your career in medical conglomerate bodies with an MBA in healthcare management. Top recruiters include Piramal Pharma, Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Healthcare, Aurobindo, etc.
  3. Research: Ayurveda gives you wide scope in finding solutions for diverse medical problems. Sri Sai Institute of Ayurvedic Research and Medicine gives you a holistic platform to pursue research and development in ayurvedic procedures, therapy and drug formulations.
  4. Lecturer: You can develop your career in imparting knowledge in Ayurveda. Remember to develop clinical experience and research skills as future Ayurvedic doctors look up to you.


India is emerging as the top destination for medical tourism. A major contributor to it is Ayurveda and its economic nature. Globally, resulting complications from chemical formulations and expensive surgery are refraining patients to switch to natural ways of healing.

BAMS opens doors for you in Ayurveda, an ancient branch with large-scale adoption in medications both in India and abroad. Currently, limited colleges offer the course with the best Ayurvedic hospital in India. A major benefit of the course is its economic nature and emerging job prospects. We are sure, the blog helped you in identifying your interests and we look forward to your application.

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  • What are the career options available in Ayurveda?

You need to pursue a Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), a 5.5-year course. You can then pursue clinical practice, academic research, MD in Ayurveda and MBA in healthcare and hospital management.

  • What is the highest salary after BAMS?

The average salary for a BAMS graduate is 3 to 6 LPA. With experience, further education and research it can go above 10 LPA for a designation like Senior Resident Doctor.

  • Which field in BAMS is the best?

BAMS can generate a lucrative career for you in the following fields-

  • Kaya Chikitsa (Medicine)
  • Shalya Tantra (Surgery)
  • Shalakya Tantra (ENT and Ophthalmology)
  • How to get admission to the BAMS course?

You need to fulfil the following criteria before enrolling in a BAMS course-

  • A minimum of 50% in HSC with relevant subjects.
  • A valid NEET score.
  • Apply to colleges
  • Go through their counselling and document checks.
  • Does BAMS have a scope in future?

Yes, BAMS is one of the most sought-after options for NEET test takers. Various emerging opportunities for BAMS graduates are-

  • an increase in demand for Ayurvedic medicines
  • medical tourism in India led by Ayurveda
  • rising awareness regarding yoga
  • preference for natural means of medical care over chemical treatments.