Is It Time to Have Your Home’s Exterior Repainted? When to Do It & How to Get Things Done

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Whether your home is newly purchased, or you have lived there for years, the first thing you see, and others notice is the immediate exterior and landscaping of the house. This is what presents the home’s personality and branding aesthetic. This is one of the more important factors for buyers when searching for a place to live, and it certainly should be a priority for Denver homeowners. Exteriors are meant to invite you inside and provide a feeling for residents to return to. Your home base is yours to create, and when things aren’t looking up to par – it may be time to consider something new.

It is simple to hop online and type in ‘painting contractors near me’ to get a more in-depth opinion on the current condition of your home’s exterior and the possibilities of painting the property. Professional house painting contractors are there to supply support through these processes and guide Colorado homeowners, to making their exterior visions a complete reality. It is essential to take a deeper look at things when pondering whether to make a change, and as you go through the motions, we also have guidance to offer!

Take Your Home’s Structure and Materials into Consideration

You can’t always jump the gun and immediately assume that your house needs to be repainted entirely because you notice chips and stains in some areas of the home. It is inevitable for damage to occur, and in these instances, sometimes you can complete a touch-up with a painting contractor in your area and discuss plans moving forward.

A few things feed into the lifespan of your exterior paint job – quality of work, quality of paint, weather conditions, and the home’s materials. For most people, the paint should last up to a decade, but in Colorado, a mile high above the rest of the country, the sun exposure can push the color to its limits sooner than in other states. The materials your home is made of are also significant – aluminum and stucco siding will only last around 5 to 7 years versus wood or brick, which can extend the lifetime to 20 years. You must take this into account when deciding about your home’s exterior upgrade.

Take Steps When You Notice Damage

There are some warning signs that every homeowner should adhere to; when you notice things like this, it can be time to pull the trigger on a fresh coat of paint for your household. Look for the following signs:

  • Chipped paint or signs of your paint chipping away is not always a reason for alarm, but you must assess the scale of this damage. When large portions of color are chipping off, you have a severe breakdown between your home’s surface and the paint.
  • Fading or losing vibrancy to the paint is a significant indicator that your home’s exterior is going through the motions, and the overall appearance will continue to deteriorate and fade due to exposure to the sun and other weather conditions.
  • Caulk is cracking; this signals to homeowners that the sealing of your windows and doors is vulnerable and completely exposed to moisture, water, and other elements that could seep into the interiors of your space.
  • General wear and tear are going to happen no matter how excellent your initial painters and paint were. Over time, the paint wears down, and there is a lifespan limitation on its appearance. 

Investing in New Paint Will Pay Off

While most average paints last anywhere from 5 to 10 years – there are plenty of ways to oversee their lifespan and extend that as long as possible. Your paint’s longevity depends on the maintenance completed throughout its use and display. When you hire painters, it is also critical that they thoroughly clean and prime all the surfaces before applying paint. The paint should be applied when the weather is mild – Fall and Spring are the best seasons for house painting. Utilize the colors your experts suggest, and test all your options before making your final decision. 

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Contact Professional Painting Contractors for Your Free Quote

Thankfully, the DIY craze has begun to die down, and the rise of professional painting contractors is at the forefront of all goods and services provided to Denver residents. While taking on a new challenge can be exciting, attempting to paint your entire house without any prior experience can be a real mess, result in additional costs, and even be dangerous. Hiring a local, licensed painting contractor company within your community is the most convenient and effective solution for your home’s needs.

Two Painters and A Brush in Denver, CO, provides premium painting contractor services for the interior and exterior of both homes and businesses. Their painting experts supply free estimates, thorough consultations, and complete support. Gaining reliable, professional assistance for upgrading your home’s exterior is a sure way to paint a vision for your future. If you are still wondering whether or not you should move forward with a new coat of paint, contact a local painting contractor company for further information and access to infinite possibilities.