Understanding the Importance of BSc Nursing in the Healthcare Industry

BSc Nursing

Did you know, BSc Nursing gives you an opportunity to fulfil your ambition of serving humanity with care, compassion, and dedication? The transformative journey can bridge your personal satisfaction with professionals. According to the India Nursing Council, the country needs 4.3 million more nurses to meet WHO standards. Given the vast opportunity and your aspirations, a degree in BSc Nursing in Tamil Nadu can be highly rewarding.

As you embark on this journey, you need to understand the importance that BSc Nursing brings to the table. Through this blog, you would understand what a career in BSc Nursing looks like.

About BSc. Nursing:

Cheran College of Nursing is one of the best Bsc nursing colleges in Tamilnadu. It is affiliated with The Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University. The curriculum is regulated by the Indian Nursing Council. Let’s look at the course specifications.

Course Highlights:

Course typeUnder-graduation
Duration4 years
FeesRs. 30,000 per annum.
Admission modeMerit-based
Examination modeSemester


To secure admission to private nursing colleges in Coimbatore, you need to fulfil the following criteria-

  • A minimum of 45% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English in HSC. Relaxation for SC/ST candidates.
  • You need to be a minimum of 17 years of age.

Curriculum framework:

The curriculum in private nursing colleges in Tamilnadu trains you to acquire in-depth knowledge in subjects like-

AnatomyPediatric Nursing
PhysiologyCommunity Health Nursing
PharmacologyPsychiatric Nursing
Medical-Surgical NursingObstetrics and Gynecological Nursing

Top 7 Significant Attributes of BSc Nursing

If you opt for BSc nursing in Tamil Nadu, you gain the following importance-

  • Comprehensive healthcare knowledge– As a B.Sc Nursing graduate, you will develop essential competencies in patient care, health assessment, medication administration, healthcare management, and critical thinking.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving- You would face clinical challenges while dealing with hospital management, patients and doctors. It shall equip you with quick decision-making while navigating through clinical issues.
  • Ethics and Professionalism– As part of your duty, you maintain the highest professional standards and keep the integrity of paramedics intact.
  • Empathetic attitude– Dealing with patients and family members requires empathy. As you deal with saving lives, being empathetic becomes a part of your personality and you strive to make their suffering easier.
  • Leadership skills– As you gain experience being a graduate, you would be leading a group of nurses to ensure proper healthcare delivery to society. It empowers you to be a leader and set an example for others.
  • Lifelong learning-Medicine is a constantly evolving field. Given the technological advancements, research and revised curriculum, you shall be expected to keep abreast with the dynamism.
  • Holistic Approach: BSc Nursing programs emphasize a holistic approach to patient care, considering not just the physical aspects of health but also the mental, emotional, and social well-being of patients.

Career opportunities

BSc nursing in Tamil Nadu gives a wide scope. A few of them are listed below-

  • Advanced Degrees: 
    • Master of Science in Nursing (M.Sc. Nursing)-You can pursue different specialisations like- Medical-Surgical nursing, Child health nursing, Community health nursing, Mental health nursing and Maternal health nursing.Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD in Nursing):
    • Postgraduate Diplomas and Certificates
  • Practise in Hospital/clinic /nursing home
Job rolesSalary
Staff Nurse in HospitalINR 3LPA to 12LPA
Nurse AnaesthetistINR 4LPA to 10LPA
Public Health NurseINR 2.5 to 5 LPA
Geriatric NurseINR 3 to 8LPA
Community Health NurseINR 2.5 to 6LPA
  • Govt. jobs
    • Public hospitals like JIPMER/AIIMS/Civil hospitals seek B.Sc Nursing graduates.
    • Military nursing service (MNS) for serving in defence forces.
  • Clinical Research
    • You get to be part of research in top research centres of the country like CSIR, the National Institute of Biomedical Genomics, the Indian Association of Cancer Research, etc.

Choosing the best college

While you opt to make the crucial decision of finding the right BSc Nursing in Tamil Nadu, we have jotted down a few dimensions for your consideration-

  • Accreditation and Recognition– Refer to the ranking of the college as per national accrediting bodies like the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).
  • Course Curriculum- It is important that the curriculum has been designed as per industry standards. At Cheran College of Nursing, you would be involved in laboratory and clinical work, wherein you learn the practical aspects of nursing.
  • Infrastructure- Clinical Training Facilities, hospitals, well-equipped lecture halls, computer labs, placement cells and living accommodations are major requirements to look for while pursuing BSc nursing in Tamil Nadu.
  • Placements- Average salary for a BSc Nursing graduate is 3LPA. Major recruiters in Cheran College of Nursing include hospitals like- Apollo, Medwin, MAK, etc. Other prominent recruiters are Dr Reddy’s, Xpheno, Sun Pharma, etc.
  • Financial Aid/ Scholarships– Look out for scholarships available to you. Various state governments offer scholarships to meritorious students. Identify your strengths and apply for financial aid.


As we draw down to conclude this blog, we are sure you got insights on the importance of BSc nursing in the healthcare industry. If you are passionate to serve mankind from the daunting rooms of hospitals, BSc Nursing in Tamil Nadu is your way forward.

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  • What is the salary of BSc Nursing graduates?

The average salary for a BSc Nursing graduate is around 3.5LPA in India. With experience, institute and your speciality, you can expect above 7LPA as well.

  • What is the future scope of BSc Nursing?

As a BSc Nursing grad, you have multiple opportunities-

  • Pursue a Masters/ PhD in Nursing.
  • Practice under a doctor in a clinic or government/private hospital.
  • Pursue clinical research with an institute of national importance.
  • Join Military Nursing Services.
  • What are the benefits of doing BSc nursing?

The major benefit of BSc nursing is that you get to be a frontline worker in the healthcare industry. Given the large nurses- patient ratio, you would have enough opportunities to practise in a healthcare facility.

  • Which field in BSc nursing has the highest salary?

BSc is a 4-year programme, common to all. You get to choose a field during your MSc in Nursing. Serve in ICU or critical nursing, and can get you the highest salary. However, your salary depends on your experience and institution.

  • Is BSc Nursing a good career option?

Yes, if you are passionate about serving in the healthcare industry, BSc Nursing gives you the opportunity. It offers job satisfaction and income security. As you gain experience, you receive lucrative incentives.