Career Options after BE in Mechanical Engineering

BE in Mechanical Engineering

The design, development, and manufacture of mechanical systems are the main focuses of mechanical engineering, a highly sought-after subject of study that is also provided by the best mechanical engineering colleges in Tamilnadu. Furthermore, sources indicate that the mechanical engineering profession will expand by 7% by 2030 and that India hires an average of about 20,200 mechanical engineers annually.

But, amidst all, are you confused about the numerous career avenues to explore after completing a BE in Mechanical Engineering? If so, we encourage you to read our blog, which will discuss some popular career pathways for mechanical engineering graduates.

BE in Mechanical Engineering- Course Overview

A BE in Mechanical Engineering is a discipline of study that focuses on the design and production of any product that depends on the laws of force, energy, and motion. Additionally, under this course of study at the Cheran College of Technology, one of the best mechanical engineering colleges in Tamilnadu students are explicitly taught how to address problems by using technological methods.

Course Highlights

As one of the best and most well-liked in the engineering sector, this course equips students with a wide range of fantastic opportunities. The following table lists a few important details of this study programme:

Course NameBachelor of Engineering (BE) in Mechanical Engineering
Level of EducationUndergraduate
Degree Duration4 years
Average Course FeeRanges from INR 40,000 to INR 45,000 per year
Recruitment AreasAutomobile Industry, Medical Sector, Aerospace Industry, etc.

Eligibility Requirements

You must meet the minimal qualifying requirements given below to apply for any of the mechanical engineering colleges:

  • Complete your 10+2 level of education from a recognised board.
  • Should study Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in your 12th standard.
  • Must receive at least 50% in your 12th grade.

Best Career Pathways after BE in Mechanical Engineering

As you are aware, a student’s life is significantly impacted in multiple ways with a BE in mechanical engineering degree. Hence, some of the leading career options for candidates, who attend the best mechanical engineering colleges in Tamilnadu are covered below:

● Sign-up for Internships

Typically, students pursue internships in their last semester to get more comprehensive work experience before beginning their careers. And, students frequently succeed in landing jobs in the companies where they intern and go on to hold senior positions.

● Work in the Government Sectors

There are several openings for mechanical engineers in different state ministries and government agencies including the DRDO, the Ministry of Defence, educational institutions like the IIT, and National Research Laboratories. Therefore, graduates of the BE in mechanical engineering colleges in Coimbatore who meet the requirements can submit applications for them. Although it is difficult for a beginner to get there, it is not impossible if you can show that you have the ability.

● Explore Private Technical Jobs

Most engineering graduates typically land jobs with numerous well-known companies through college placements or independent applications. Also, engineering is allegedly the only career today that is both highly profitable and highly promising. As a result, the majority of engineering graduates are offered large annual packages and leadership positions.

Some top job options after obtaining a degree from the best mechanical engineering colleges in Tamilnadu are:

Job ProfilesDuties
Mechanical EngineerThey conduct research, develop designs, create prototypes, test-drive tools, engines as well as other mechanical and thermal sensors and equipment.
Project EngineerTo ensure accuracy, adequate resources, and quality from beginning to end, they plan, schedule, predict, and manage all the technical duties of their assigned project.
Design EngineerDesign engineers conduct research and create designs for projects in many different industries, such as manufacturing, software, and construction.
Power EngineerBy utilising numerous tools and methods, power engineers produce, store, channel, and distribute power.
Process Development EngineerA process development engineer creates and organises production systems that are affordable, secure, and satisfy industry standards for quality.

● Take up Freelancing

Based on their expertise, mechanical engineers can offer services to a broad range of industries and make important technical advancements. Furthermore, the best engineering colleges in Tamilnadu prepare students to pursue freelance opportunities in multiple sectors, including rubber manufacturing, computer and electronic products, coal, and petroleum products, and many more.

● Pursue Higher Education

Gaining a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering, or any related engineering field, permits a student to learn more about the subject’s specifics. This can ultimately result in greater career possibilities in the future and may also present opportunities to engage in the research industry by pursuing Ph.D. degrees to work as engineering scientists or as teachers.

● Get a job in Management Sectors

Because of their in-depth knowledge of functioning processes, practical expertise, industry-focused education, ability to work under pressure, and capacity to get things done, mechanical engineers are well-known for becoming excellent managers. Hence, students graduating from the best engineering colleges in Coimbatore frequently land jobs as managers in a variety of high-tech firms.

● Become an Entrepreneur

Because of the rapid development of technology in our time, some of the most prestigious and well-known businesses have been created. This has additionally served as a motivating element for India’s start-up culture, which has been expanding quickly. Currently, a lot of engineering graduates start their businesses after acquiring some experience.

Final Thoughts

So far, we have discussed just a few potential career paths for individuals who have completed a BE in Mechanical Engineering. Furthermore, the best mechanical engineering colleges in Tamilnadu offer a wide range of opportunities to graduates, who can choose the path that aligns with their interests, skills, and long-term goals. But, it is essential to continuously update your knowledge and skills to stay relevant in this rapidly advancing field and seize opportunities in diverse industries.

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1. What role does mechanical engineering play in our daily life?

Mechanical engineering is required in every modern appliance from air conditioners to generators, lifts, and engines. And, be it a huge bearing or a little screw– all are products of the mechanical engineering process.

2. What technical skills can you learn at the best mechanical engineering colleges in Tamilnadu?

The best mechanical engineering colleges in Tamilnadu aim to equip you with technical skills like:

  • Use of Lab Equipment
  • Knowledge of Computer Software
  • Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Product Designing
  • Technical Writing

3. What are the advantages of turning into a mechanical engineer?

The well-known benefits of becoming a mechanical engineer include the potential to be original and creative, excellent job stability, flexibility in terms of work and location, good income, and personal satisfaction.

4. Which well-known software technology is used by a mechanical engineer?

To efficiently design new machines and parts, mechanical engineers typically use CAD software. And, a few examples of CAD Software include CATIA, SolidWorks, Fusion 360, etc.

5. Who should study mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineering is a good course of study for individuals interested in basic mathematics and physics, and for those who love creating mechanical designs for commonplace objects. This field of engineering also trains students to address some of the largest global challenges.